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Here you will find our rulebook as well as some guidelines to help get you started in the lands of FYS. We know starting a new site can be daunting and hope that everything located here can start you off on the right foot!

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Sept 25, 2019 14:13:36 GMT

This is where all of the brand new shiny important information will be located. High rank auditions will also be held here as they become available. For more specific announcements about the clans such as the prey in their territory or the latest gossip, check the clan's information page for any updates!

by Leaf
Nov 26, 2019 23:35:54 GMT

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to express them here.

2 5 Are these a thing?
by Kein Jair
Nov 9, 2019 16:40:39 GMT


Here is where you can come to create your biographies. Please take care to follow the provided form.

Sub-boards: Masterpieces In The Making, Works of Art

71 124 Sage (WIP)
by sage
Dec 23, 2019 14:20:23 GMT

Want to create some plots with your character? Maybe find them a mate? Or find someone to play their long-lost cousins? This is where you can post adoptions, plotters, and trackers!

Sub-boards: Plotters, Trackers, Adoptions

14 42 Thistlestrike’s plot adoptables [6/7]
by Silverfire
Nov 23, 2019 21:04:56 GMT


The cats of Mountainclan are often known for their tough skin and long hair due to living in a relatively open area. Their camp has been situated ina valley between two mountain peaks. When the snow melts, red flowers bloom and provide a brighter aspect. The dens themselves often have been provided by nature itself. Whether it be hollow logs, rocks that have slid down or the occasional cave in the rock face.

Sub-boards: Leaders Log, Medicine Cats Cave, Warriors Den, Apprentice Den, Nursery, Elders Den

6 30 The Stars That Gather
Nov 22, 2019 19:07:05 GMT

Mountainclan territory is home to a wide array of landmarks. From the large alpine forest, to the beautiful crystal caverns, to a sparkling frozen waterfall...the cats here have plenty of ground to cover and protect. Of course with such a large amount of land, large predators lurk to catch those who wander off guard.

Sub-boards: Alpine Forest, Frozen Waterall, Icicle Cave, Misty Rapids, Crystal Cavern

5 21 Misty Feathers [open]
by Silverfire
Nov 12, 2019 17:06:36 GMT


This clan’s camp is centered around a large tree that stands out in their heavily vegetated forest. It’s an incredibly big tree, thick and wide enough to house the entire clan. All of the branches of this tree provides means for making nests, however, their main camp is situated at the bottom of it so cats who can’t climb also have a place to sleep. Most of the dens at the bottom are formed from groves from the tree’s roots, protecting those in it from the outside world through vines and heavy vegetation. The entirety of the camp is protected by thick vegetation that’s hard to enter, making them an elusive clan that’s hard to find.

Sub-boards: Leader's Den, Warrior's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Apprentice's Den, Elder's Den, Nursery

4 11 Mid-day Mayhem || Open
by Deleted
Dec 6, 2019 10:40:41 GMT

This clan's territory is predominately a rich, lush temperate jungle. It's an overgrown forest with tall leafy trees and thick vegetation, with branches that twist all the way into the sky. The forest floor is rippling with life, a mixture of exotic vegetation and creeping vines that make it difficult to navigate sometimes unless you're used to it. The density of this forest's vegetation keeps it slightly humid and warm in every season, making it hard to live in if you're a cat with longer fur. Near the Shoreclan border however, the foliage lessens into grassy hills and a sandy beach-like area.

Sub-boards: Sky Top Jungle, Iridescent Falls, The Swamp, Cat Claw Beach, Snake Hollow

13 74 December Hunting Patrol [Gecko/Orchid/Caiman]
by Kein Jair
Dec 29, 2019 18:50:22 GMT


This clan has no designated sleeping area for the cats, making their camp slightly less structured. However, they do have a general meeting place and area for freshkill and nursery. The medicine cat’s den is located near the bottom of the cliff they reside on, an underground cavern made soft with sand and other vegetation pulled from the more vegetated parts of their territory.

Sub-boards: Medicine Den, Sleeping Thicket

5 19 Winter is Coming || Swanpaw
by Deleted
Dec 4, 2019 18:02:23 GMT

Shoreclan's main territory is predominately on the beach, complete with cliffsides and warm sand that leads out to the coast. While a couple of trees can be found lining the grassy parts near the sand, there isn't much vegetation on the beach they reside on. However, on top of their cliffside, their territory becomes more of a sandy meadow that grows lush during warmer months. Some trees are also scattered around this area.

Sub-boards: Howling Hollow, Sandy Paws Sandbar, Moonlight Cave, Sunlit Meadows, Sea Glass Caverns, Rumbling Docks, Tidal Coast

5 30 Buried Inside || Open
by Kein Jair
Dec 29, 2019 19:46:50 GMT


This clan's camp lies in the variety of caverns that can be found in the slopping hills and mountains that make up the back of their territory. Their main camp is located in a large cavern where cats either sleep in small holes or curl up next to each other to keep warm. To leave the camp, there is a vast array of tunnels that lead out of the cave into various parts of their territory.

Sub-boards: Leaders Cave, Medicine Cats Cavern, Warrior & Apprentice Cave, Nursery, Elders Cave

3 9 The Frost Approaches
by Kein Jair
Nov 20, 2019 16:45:33 GMT
TERRITORY - 1 Viewing

The majority of Caveclan's territory is an open rolling meadow. During the warmer mothers, grass grows wildly and flowers also appear. When this happens, prey becomes abundant and the clan grows plump. However, during the colder months, their territory becomes pitiful and barren, often causing them to resort to other methods for food.

Sub-boards: Singing Hills, Sunlight Point, Ancient Rocks, The Burrows, The Caverns, Raven Forest, Whispering Brook

7 24 Oh, What a Shame
by Deleted
Dec 10, 2019 5:44:49 GMT


Once every moon, Medicine Cats of every clan are allowed to disappeared behind Mountainclan's Waterfall and into the Starlit Tunnels. These tunnels have a starlike pattern along their walls and the ceiling is bright and luminous. At the end of this long tunnels lies a crystal clear pool that is seemingly bottomless. It is here where cats feel closest to Starclan.

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In the center of all the clans, hidden deep within the forest, lies an odd rock formation. One gigantic boulder seems to rest peacefully and solidly atop another. Every moon, the four clans gather to share their news, with the leaders perched up high atop the rocks.

1 2 turn to dust in the breeze
by Deleted
Dec 5, 2019 6:39:14 GMT

Rows of twoleg dens can be found here in this small quaint town. Many kittypets roam this area and also call it home. While this town may not be large in size, it does have a large community garden that attracts pests and neighborhood dogs alike.

1 9 Hold Your Breath, Dim The Lights
by Kein Jair
Dec 4, 2019 23:53:58 GMT

Home to a variety of loners, the farmland is a rather active place. Sheep, cattle, horses and many other farm animals all roam the pastures as well as call the barns and out building home. The barn is a hotspot for catching up on outsider gossip.

1 1 Far From Home || OPEN
by Deleted
Dec 11, 2019 21:11:35 GMT

Identifiable just by its name, the thorn thicket is a place to watch where you step...and just your entire body in general. Not many venture through here due to the sharp barbs of these plants, but it is one place where prey tends to thrive. Should a cat be desperate enough, a poke or two might be worth it to dive into the prey safe haven.

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Whether you'd like to say hi, or maybe goodbye, feel free to do so here!

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Whether it's tables, graphics, lineart, or some writing another person would like to share you can find it located here!

10 31 Leesee's Templates
by Deleted
Dec 5, 2019 15:19:40 GMT

When a thread has been abandoned or completed, they will be placed in the appropriate sub-board for others to reference for information.

Sub-boards: Bios, IC Threads, OOC Threads

297 1,145 OTM NOMINATIONS! 11/19
by Silver Wings
Nov 24, 2019 22:34:45 GMT

Advertising & Affiliation stations can be found here!

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by Tarlar
Sept 17, 2020 14:53:40 GMT


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