Sky Top Jungle

This is the heart of the clan's territory. The jungle is predominately a temperate forest, full of lush vegetation and trees that reach the sky, which is how it got its name.

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7 32 December Hunting Patrol [Gecko/Orchid/Caiman]
by Kein Jair
Dec 29, 2019 18:50:22 GMT
Iridescent Falls

Located closest to Mountainclan's border where the territory is still slightly elevated is where water splits off and creates a small waterfall in Jungleclan's lush territory. It's nothing special, but the lake created by this waterfall is full of fish, making it a popular hunting place. Other cats may take pleasure in jumping off the short hill that creates this waterfall. One unique thing about this place is that it's a common ritual for lovers to scratch their claw marks into the rocks closest to the falls.

2 13 Wish for a fish
by Silver Wings
Nov 7, 2019 10:51:26 GMT
The Swamp

Located closest to Caveclan's border is the swamp, an area most cats don't visit due to its uncomfortable and eerie atmosphere. The ground here becomes mushy and muddy, making solid ground hard to find in this area. Giant trees of various species grow straight out of the water, their roots collecting dirt to create land-like masses cats can walk along. The water is often muddied, though, at some points of the swamp, it becomes eerily clear. One often feels like they're being watched here, and due to the lore, the feeling is only worsened. It's said that one can feel the closest to the Dark Forest here, but that's only a legend right?

3 26 The Trees Have Eyes
by Kein Jair
Dec 5, 2019 0:22:32 GMT
Cat Claw Beach

Located near the borders of Shoreclan is a beach that just barely remains on Jungleclan's territory. It's located down a slope from the jungle, lush forest floor transitioning to warm sand as you get closer to the coast. Due to how welcoming and open the area is, this is the territory least patrolled by the two clans, often making it a location just to communicate and have fun at. Shells and other things litter the beach, becoming more prominent towards the tranquil ocean.

1 3 Wash Away Your Troubles(Private)
by Leaf
Oct 28, 2019 1:38:08 GMT
Snake Hollow

Located near the border of Jungleclan and Mountainclan is a territory called the Snake Hollow, a dry narrow creek bed that runs into the jungle. It cuts a winding path, resembling the body of a snake. On each side, some rock bluffs and thick vegetation block the creek bed from outside view and winds, creating a quiet niche for animals to rest and travel through. However, like its name, there are many snakes hiding in this hollow waiting for a unfortunate creature to fall into their trap.

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